I had severe depression when I was a teenager. It spanned uncontrolled for a solid 5 years. I didn’t actively search for a solution to my depression but for some reason I let it consume me.

I took some medication for it but no matter what dosage I took, it didn’t have an effect on me. It essentially ‘ran in the family’ so I partly accepted it but at the same time questioned why I had to feel that way. I didn’t think that I could overcome depression.

I didn’t realize it was a lack of spiritual energy and vibration that caused it until later on.


The Depression

I felt very deprived of energy and had no sense of motivation because of my depression. The only thing I did when I was depressed was lay around and either think about why I felt depressed or think about unanswered questions. A few examples are below:

  • Life after death – If a soul is eternal, where was I before and why don’t I remember? Surely I’ll remember this life as a soul after I die.
  • The Human Soul – Is it separate from the body? What is it in the Soul that retains my personality? My thoughts? My memories?
  • Life’s purpose – If a man works as a garbage man his whole life, he is only known by his family and co-workers. Is he destined to maintain the garbage system and be forgotten and unknown when he plays a part in a system that is so crucial to maintaining a city’s sanitary conditions?
  • Peoples’ perspective – What would it feel like to experience Me from someone else’s perspective? What would I think of myself? Surely their personality will influence my thoughts and perceptions as opposed to what I would think if I experienced a duplicate of myself.
  • What makes a personality – Why can we discover people’s personalities with the Myers-Briggs test? What influences cause personalities to be so similar that we can group them into 16 personalities?


The Detached Feeling

Ultimately, I felt very detached from myself. I felt like my body was only a shell that carried my essence, my true self, which I felt was merely a consciousness. When I say merely a consciousness, this is what I mean:

  • First, imagine being in a void, blackness spanning infinitely left to right and bottom to top
  • There is no external stimuli: no hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, tasting
  • There is only a stream of thoughts and knowledge, nothing else.


Energy Attachment

Despite feeling the way that I did for so long, it wasn’t until I got into meditating that it began to change.

My depression was present because I had a low amount of energy within my spiritual body, which put me in the lower vibrational realm of energy. As Margarita Alcantara puts it,

“Being at a denser vibration constricts your energy and obstructs flow on many levels.”

On top of that, I was in an environment where I felt alone and not really comfortable or ‘at-home’. Being in this environment, feeling the way I was, and doing nothing about it left me trapped in a depressive state with lots of negative energy laying into me.


Raising your Vibration

Because it was energy that was keeping me in a depressive state, it was energy that was going to get me out. So the solution for my depression was this:

Cleanse and Empower.


  • Sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the ground
  • Now get yourself into a meditative state
  • Visualize the energy within you
  • Next, Imagine it moving up your body and out through the top of your head. Release it
  • As the energy goes out, Imagine bright white energy from the Earth move up your legs and into your entire body.


  • As your body fills with the white light, imagine the Earth’s energy flooding into your body
  • Continue to flood your body with this white light, and watch it as it grows brighter
  • Then, let the light expand past your body and into your aura
  • Continue to enhance the intensity of the light until your body is glowing bright like a star


What this meditation does is recycle your energy. You are removing any negative energy within you and you are replacing it with new, radiant energy from the Earth. Either you picked up this negative energy from various people or places.

I managed to overcome depression by cleansing my energy and empowering myself. To this day  I have used this meditation to prevent my energy levels from dipping that low again. Since then, my depression has been practically non-existent and I sometimes forget that I ever had it.