alien greys-black-eyes-dark

Alien Greys are your typical short, bulbous headed, grey-skinned alien. I have read about different abduction stories where the Greys physically abduct a human. What I wasn’t aware of, is that Greys can also visit someone spiritually just as loved ones and guides can appear.

I discovered this from a woman that I would frequently discuss metaphysical topics with. She explained that visits from a Alien Greys, can seem like a dream or it can feel very real. Most often, they are there to “abduct” you for their own purposes.

This purpose, she told me, was a project that would create a hybrid species between humans and Alien Greys. Her own experiences were always of her being taken aboard a space ship on a stretcher.

What confuses me is how an exchange of DNA would take place if it is the human Soul/Spirit that they are taking. Despite my confusion, they didn’t manage to take me.

Creepy Encounters

Stories that I have heard regarding these spiritual visits from Alien Greys seem to be benevolent. Some psychics have spoken of them highly and others have also worked with them.

I had three encounters with these things, long after I had overcome depression, and they were far from good experiences. I am not sure of the reason why.


1. One Watched Me

My first experience caught me off-guard. I woke up (probably half-conscious) in the middle of the night with an image of a grey’s face stuck in my head. The image was really bothering me because I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I opened my eyes instead of trying to go back to sleep. I laid there for a short time, then I felt the room get heavy. The energy became very dense and weighed down on me.

At that point I knew that there was something in my room. I tried to find it because I was unaware of what or where it was. Immediately, I brought my awareness to the energy in the room.

Something was watching me and I instantly felt the source. It was my closet.

I looked over at the closet and I could make out the grey’s face. The face was the same one that was stuck in my head. My heart stopped and we stared at each other for what seemed like ages.

It left and the atmosphere lightened up.


2. One Attempted To Harm Me

This experience was hyper realistic yet there was a random tea set next to my bed. I knew that I was not fully awake but I was conscious. I was laying on my back for the whole experience.

When I woke, I grabbed the tea cup filled with hot tea with my right hand and the atmosphere got heavy. It felt the same as my previous experience so I knew that it was an Alien Grey.

My body froze with my hand and tea cup up in the air. It started to move uncontrollably towards the area directly above my face.

I thought to myself “it’s trying to burn my face”. I fought back and visualized my arm being mechanical so that it would be incredibly hard to move. Because of that, my arm barely moved to above my armpit. At that point my hand began to tilt toward me.

The tea spilled out onto my inner arm and armpit. The hot tea burned against my skin for a short time before I became fully conscious.


3. One Tried Taking Me

I woke up and the room was already heavy with a presence. Again, I knew what it was and that it was in my closet because I was now familiar with that type of energy.

I knew what it was but knew that it was different. Both a feeling and an image in my mind’s eye indicated that this was not the same type of Alien Grey that I had encountered before. It was taller and had a less bulbous head.

When I felt the dense energy, I covered myself with my blanket. I felt it drift from my closet to the foot of my bed. It pulled the covers to the side of me and lifted me up a few inches from my bed.

I was still in a laying down position as it slowly pulled me towards it. I was scared beyond imagine at this point so I pleaded to anyone to help me get out of the situation. Just as my calves got to the foot of my bed, something came.

I didn’t see this entity but I felt it. It came with a swooping motion. The Grey left and I woke up fully conscious in my bed.



I’m still not sure what to think of these experiences with Alien Greys.  Are they really benevolent like some say? These personal experiences give me a different perception. I am not afraid of them but instead I am aware.

Spiritualists who have good experiences with this species tend to be involved with the “New Age” movement. This makes me curious.

Is there something hidden about the New Age or did I just have three bad experiences in a row?