How to Develop Astral Senses: Clairaudience

How to Develop Astral Senses: Clairaudience

The commonly known term for astral hearing is Clairaudience. Everyone has the ability but it is just not developed. Getting communication from the astral is similar to someone talking to a deaf person if you have done nothing to develop astral senses.

My Astral Senses Theory

In the deaf person, they have the proper physiological means to process information but for one reason or another they are less sensitive to sound.

So when they hear a conversation or noises, their brain does not process it. Like the saying “If you don’t use it you lose it!”, the brain will not develop the ability to process sound.

It remains there but it is dormant.

It is the same when you try to develop astral senses. The ability to process information from the astral is there but it is dormant.

What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience means “clear hearing”. It is the ability to hear, physically or mentally, messages from the astral (spirit realm).

These messages can be anything from sounds, music, voices, sentences or full-blown conversations.

Anna Sayce describes:

“Clairaudients tend to hear more than most people. People who are bothered by loud noises are naturally predisposed towards clairaudience because of their heightened sensitivity.”

This description resonated with me and immediately brought up a memory of doing house renovations as a teenager. The sounds of the power tools were so bothersome to me that I would get anxiety simply from the tools running and it seemed that I was the only one affected in that way.


My Clairaudience Observations as I Progressed

The two exercises, outlined below, helped me in developing my own clairaudience. As I progressed, I noticed that it was in a logical manner.

1. Sounds

For as long as I can remember, It was only sounds that I could ever hear – usually drums and a whispered “S” sound (hissing). I never thought much about them when I was younger. When I would hear a sound that did not have a source, I would take note that I heard it and then dismiss it with an “Oh that was weird”.

2. Words

These came usually in the form of my name, the beginning of a sentence, or part of a sentence.

I distinctly remember an occasion where I was at the bottom of the stairs at my house and heard someone call out my name from the top of the stairs. I responded, “Yeah?” but no one answered because no one was up stairs (I gave it a few hours before going back up there :)).

It was frustrating to only hear words. I would start to hear something and then the voice would stop abruptly. This was because when I would notice that I was receiving information, I would snap out of the state I was in that was allowing the information to come through.

3. Sentences

I was much more satisfied with my progress when I reached this point in developing my clairaudience. There was one problem though.

I was forgetting what I was receiving! Receiving information was like being in a lecture where the professor writes with his right hand and erases with his left hand.

4. Conversations

I have only ever had one two-way conversation in the time that I have used to develop clairaudience. This occurred while I was laying in bed ready to sleep.

This conversation made use of two astral senses – clairvoyance and clairaudience.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was a gorgeous woman laying on my bed next to me with her head closest to me. She was laying on her stomach with her torso raised, supporting herself with her elbows, and she had her feet up in the air behind her.

She had blonde hair with light colored eyes and wore golden Roman armor with red garments underneath.

The conversation I had with her was a brief conversation and unfortunately, I labeled it as trivial – I felt that it wasn’t important. Because of this, I forgot it!


How do you Develop Clairaudience?

In order to develop this ability, you need to first train your sense of hearing. Then you train your ability to hear sounds mentally. Training your sense of hearing will heighten your ability to perceive the sounds in the world around you.

With that heightened ability, you will then transfer it to you astral counterpart. The way I understand this is that as you train with these exercises, you are re-wiring certain areas of your brain to actively perceive such phenomena.

This gives your brain the capability to receive such energy as information and process it in a way that is understandable to you – in this case, through hearing.

Physical Hearing Exercise:

  1. Relax yourself
  2. Sit or lay in a comfortable position
  3. Turn your attention outwards and pick a sound to focus on
  4. Single out that sound from all the others and focus on it

If your mind wanders, do not get frustrated. Acknowledge that you are no longer focusing on that sound and then shift your focus back to that sound.

When you become sufficient at this exercise, you can move on to training the mental aspect of your hearing.

Mental Hearing Exercise:

  1. Relax yourself
  2. Sit or lay in a comfortable position
  3. Pick a sound that you are familiar with. A bell chiming or the sound from the Physical Hearing Exercise for example.
  4. Physically create that sound and focus on hearing it
  5. Stop creating the sound and use your imagination to recreate the sound in your head
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5


As you progress, you may begin to hear more things that appear not to have a source. You may be relaxing and hear drum beats or little whispers in your ear. These are good signs as it shows that you are making progress with these exercises.

Note: As stated earlier in this article, it is very important to continue practicing these exercises. If you discontinue using your newfound ability, you will likely lose it and have to redevelop it.

I have personally went through this when I opted to develop astral senses. I would reach a milestone in my development and then stop practicing for a while only to come back to it and realized it atrophied.


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