develop astral senses-clairsentience-empathy

Clairsentience is one of the four abilities that I will be reviewing to help develop astral senses. It tends to be one of the more common abilities that people have – despite the fact that they may not know it.

It can come in very subtle nudges or it can manifest in strong sensations that push you to make a certain decision.


What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is described as “Clear feeling” or “Clear sensing” depending on where you find your information.

No matter how you choose to describe it, those who have this ability can pick up on the energy that they are reading and physically feel it.

When an individual receives this energy, it is interpreted in different ways. It comes to them as information that can involve emotions, physical sensations, or gut feelings.

As mentioned previously, often times an individual may have this ability but not recognize it.

This is mainly because nowadays the mass population lacks any spiritual knowledge and sees psychic ability as nonsense.


The Different Clairsentience Channels

Gut Feelings

Gut feelings are usually received in the gut area of the body as ‘hunches’, hence the name gut feelings. They tend to be received only in two forms – positive feelings or negative feelings.

You will feel an uplifting sensation, like a sense of excitement, in your gut if it is a positive feeling. If it is a negative feeling, like something is wrong, then you will feel a sinking sensation in your gut.

Often they will come unexpectedly when you meet someone new or are learning about a situation or place.

I had this happen to me when I was offered to invest in a business.

I did some research on the business and as I learned more about it, I got this strong sinking feeling in my gut. It was obvious that my intuition was telling me that I should not invest my money in the business.

Unfortunately, I did not listen to my gut feeling. I went ahead and invested in the business. Sure enough it turned out to be a bad decision.

I lost some money from that experience but I did realize that I am intuitive and it is actively guiding me. I just have to listen to it.



Those who can sense emotions are called Empaths. Empaths feel the emotional energy of a given person or place.

Often Empaths don’t realize that they are sensitive to emotional energy. They go through emotional roller-coasters throughout their day as they experience the energy of different people and places.

Once, I visited this psychic get-together where there was an Empath.

I had another meeting after the session so I felt an urgency to leave. I needed to say goodbye to everyone so as to not be rude so my urgency intensified.

Next, the Empath leaned forward on the couch and rested his hands on his knees and said “I have this feeling like someone is saying get out”.

I wondered if it was me that he was getting it from but I could tell that he was feeling it intensely.

A woman offered to help him by offering positive energy. She grabbed his hands and put a big smile on her face.

Moments later, the Empath grew a smile on his face as well and let out an uncontrollable laughter. I could tell that there was some type of energy exchange between the two.


Physical Sensations

Another Clairsentience type is physical sensations. With this type you physically feel sensations throughout your body. It could be a tingling sensation or temperature like a chilling sensation for example.

As I experimented with channeling, I would get a physical sensation that felt like tingling on prickling on the top of my head. I believe this was an indication that I had made a connection.

Anna Sayce experiences something similar when she is doing readings:

“Whenever I am tuning into spirit (talking to my spirit guides or higher self) and doing a reading, I get a strong tingling sensation on both sides of my head.”

Other times that physical sensations can occur are from the information you receive when you are doing readings. As information comes to you, you will physically feel the sensations of that information you receive.

For example if you are reading a person that was stabbed in the side then you may feel a sharp pain in your side as you pick up on that information.


How do You Develop Clairsentience?

Emotional Exchange

In this exercise we will be attempting to learn how to receive emotional energy. You will need a partner for this one.

Make sure you environment is free from distractions and have your partner sit in front of you. Take a few deep breaths or use one of your preferred relaxation techniques to relax yourselves.

When you are both ready, have your partner remember an event or situation that sparked a strong emotion. Do not let them tell you the emotion that they are invoking.

Now your job here is to feel the emotion that your partner is sending. Meditate on their energy and ask yourself: What emotion is he/she sending?

At first, you may have a hard time feeling which emotion it is. If you do, don’t let it bring you down.

Instead, when you feel the emotion you may only be able to determine whether it is a positive emotion or a negative emotion.

That’s good but as you progress you will be able to feel the emotions more precisely.


Physical Sensations

To improve our physical sensation channel of clairsentience, we want to train our ability to sense physical sensations as they are picked up from the energy around us. You can do this exercise on your own – all you need is your imagination.

First start off by relaxing yourself and getting into a meditative state. From here, choose a physical sensation that you are very familiar with – it could be the texture of your pillowcase, denim jeans, silk, or the warmth of your cup of coffee in the morning for example.

We can do the next step in one of two ways. One way is that you can remember what that sensation feels like against your skin. The other way is that you can create the sensation.

Creating the sensation means that you go brush your hands against your pillowcase or place your hands on your cup of coffee. Focus on the sensation as you do so.

Now that you have the sensation fresh in your mind, physically feel that sensation against your skin. Focus on feeling that sensation on your hand. Mimic the sensation so that it physically manifests.

Initially you may only feel pressure or tingling so keep practicing. If you don’t feel anything, continue with the exercise anyways. You will get better as you practice.