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When I first started to develop astral senses, I found my experience with clairvoyance to be similar to many other abilities I have delved into. My Clairvoyant development was just as challenging as everything else that I have experimented with.

I would prepare for the session by sitting down and relaxing myself. Then I would ask myself a question, stare at the blackness behind my eyelids and wait. And wait.. and wait. I could not receive any images.

But Why? I struggled with this question for quite a while: Why couldn’t I get any visual messages? Well the thing is.. I was getting messages. There were just two issues:

  1. I didn’t trust what I was getting
  2. I expected the experience to be a certain way

This post on Clairvoyance is the third part of the series on how to develop astral senses! So far we have covered Clairsentience and Clairaudience.


What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the term used by many spiritualists, psychics and mediums to describe the ability to receive messages from the spiritual realm through images, scenes, and visions.

This tends to happen in the mind’s eye. Often times a clairvoyant will not recognize that they have this ability.

If and/or when these people happen to experience a clairvoyant message, they may brush it off as a daydream or part of their imagination.

The reason being is because a Clairvoyant often has a developed imagination and is particularly good with visualization.


How Do You Receive Clairvoyant Messages?


Clairvoyant images come to you and appear like a photo. It is a still image of whatever you need to see.

It can have a message behind it that either: you will understand the meaning to or you will have to ‘decipher’ it if you don’t quite understand the meaning to it.

I’d like to note that the messages you receive will be very straight-forward and obvious. Whether it is your higher self or another benevolent entity that you are communicating with, they will not show you anything to try to scare you or confuse you.

So when I say decipher it is more so figuring out what it means to you. Anna Sayce categorizes these types of messages as metaphors.

For example, the color green may mean money and wealth to one person while to another it may mean sickness. You can figure this out by asking, “What does this mean?” and the answer will come in most likely another image.

So with the previous example, “What does green mean in this message” and you will receive another message with the answer.

Sometimes the images can be vivid images or they can be blurry concepts of an image. If it is blurry, this is often because your ability to concentrate is not fully developed.

When they are not that developed, you cannot put your full focus into what you are receiving.


Clairvoyant scenes are similar to images except they show much more of the message for you. These can be blurry as well as shorter or longer depending on your concentration ability and level of focus.

If you can’t allow the messages to flow without disruption then your messages may be severed as you are distracted away from the message’s flow.


Clairvoyance Examples


When I first began to develop astral senses and use my own clairvoyance, I would only get messages in the form of blurry images. This was because I was not fully able to maintain my state of focus.

I remember how frustrating it was to see an image only to watch it disappear after a glimpse. Each time this would happen, I would spend a few moments trying to get the image back to view all of the detail.

Being blurry, I was only able to get a general idea of what the image was visually. Any other information I got from an image is from a sense of knowing – my Claircognizance, Clairsentience or both.

For example, once I received an image of a guillotine standing alone surrounded by whiteness. I was not in the image but I knew that it was a past life where I was being executed for acting against the ruling government.


My favorite scene to refer to actually showed up after my guillotine image. It was simply a scene of rolling plains. I was seeing the beautiful green terrain.

At the same time, I got the feeling that this was my land and my peoples’ land. I felt a sense of pride as I gazed across the land. As the scene continued, I glimpsed a village in the distance.

It was my homeland. That pride turned into intense rage as I saw it. I knew that someone was trying to conquer me and my people.

In doing so, they’d be taking everything away that identified who I was as a person: my land, my people, my culture, and my way of life. Notice that all I saw in the scene was land and a village.

The rest of the information came through Claircognizance and Clairsentience. So as you can see from the example, the Clairs don’t act individually but work together to give a more thorough message.


Clairvoyance is Not What You’re Expecting

When I first thought of Clairvoyance, I imagined grand visions that would blow me away with the intensity of the experience.

I thought each one would take me away from the present and give me a first-hand experience of the scene that I was being shown, ultimately leaving me speechless.

My idea of Clairvoyance was probably exaggerated but I can assume that there are people out there that think something similar. Well, I am here to tell you that Clairvoyance is nothing like that.

Sorry to kill your dreams 🙂 Most of the time Clairvoyant experiences are subtle. When you are starting to develop astral senses, it feels like it is just your imagination.

The way that you distinguish between imagination and messages is the message itself. As I mentioned before, they are no-nonsense messages that show you exactly what you are needing see.


How to Develop Astral Senses: Clairvoyance

To help develop your Clairvoyance, you need to be able to visualize well. Your skills do not have to be perfect. You will see a difference after training your visualization.

So the following exercise I’m going to give is based upon an art concept called Color Theory. Combining the primary colors red, yellow and blue can create every other color in existence.

So the idea is that if we can visualize the primary colors very well, then visualizing any other colors will come much easier.

So let’s begin:

First sit or lay down and take yourself through your preferred relaxation process to get comfortable. Close your eyes. In your mind’s eye imagine a red dot, the size of a coin, in the center of your vision.

Visualize it growing larger and more intense. Allow the dot to expand larger and larger until your entire view is encompassed by the color red.

Try to hold this for 3 minutes. Once you have completed the color red then move on to yellow and blue and repeat the exercise for those colors as well.

This post is the third part of the series on how to develop astral senses! In case you missed them, you can find the previous two below: