Before I discovered spirituality, I wanted to be a Software Developer. I went to college and graduated with my Bachelors Degree at the age of 20. I got a job as a Software Developer and started attending graduate school at a prestigious University part time. Because of this, I had very little time to invest in meditations and spirituality.

It only took me about one year to realize that I was more passionate about researching and teaching others about spirituality.

Since then, I’ve learned as much as I can so that I could progress spiritually and help others along the way.

I am an extremely logical individual. Although it is useful, it has caused quite a bit of struggle with my spiritual practices.

Despite these struggles, I have decided to delve deeper into spirituality. I have chosen to write about my experiences as I learn more and progress spiritually.

Recently, I discovered that I have an affinity for the healing arts and have begun learning how to enhance my skills as a healer, mainly through manipulating energy.

I created Akashic Bridge as a means to help others learn more about spirituality and the practices involved. I want to use the knowledge I attain on my spiritual journey to help others bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world.

My mission is to bring all aspects o spirituality together to present it as a conscious way of ‘being’ that everyone can easily understand and implement.


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