silhouette-black-dark-mass-absorb energy

Before this experience, I was not familiar with psychic attack. Afterwards though, I was a firm believer. It was an unforeseen experience in that I had not witnessed any ‘signs’ that might have indicated that an attack was imminent. The only thing I had begun doing more of was study spirituality and then out of the blue a spirit visited to absorb energy!

I’ve heard the reasoning for this before: “Well it’s because you opened yourself up to evil spirits!”. I did a quick search on “open yourself to dark spirits” and the links that appeared were largely Christian websites warning of the dangers of evil spirits and engaging in any other spirituality sect that is not Godly.

Why did this attack just occur when I had been rejecting Christianity for several years? Shouldn’t any attacks have started right after I rejected Jesus and God?

My own fear did not cause this experience. I believe it was my own energy it was attracted to.


Entity Visited to Absorb Energy

I opened my eyes slightly. Through the sliver of a view, I saw a dark mass above me. This was a new experience to me so I closed my eyes out of fear.

I couldn’t move any part of my body. It felt like there was an immense force holding me down. The sound of gusting wind filled my ears. The energy was whirling and I was able to feel it moving in a circle above me.

I still couldn’t move. My throat was choking up from fear yet I attempted to call out for anyone. My throat did not let out a sound.

The Feeling was Immense

I felt my body growing lighter. Along with it I felt my energy physically leaving my body as if the dark mass was draining it from me. It had physically come to absorb energy.

At this point in my development, I was slightly sensitive to the energy in my body so I knew what was going on.

The fear I felt became too much to bare so I started to open my right eye. At that instant, the dark mass whooshed to my left and my body followed.

The force of the pull slid my body to the left. My energy now¬†felt like it was exiting through the left side of my body. I was afraid of what would happen if I continued to let it do that so I tried to shake violently to break free but it didn’t work.

I still couldn’t move so I tried again. It still wasn’t working. Then, abruptly I had control over myself and my arms flung up a little from my attempts at violently shaking.

The noise stopped, the whooshing stopped, the mass was gone, and it was quiet. I felt extremely drained and lethargic. I fell asleep immediately.