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In the spiritual world, logical thinking is less of a necessity than it is in the average day-to-day world. Many spiritual practices involve setting aside the logical aspect of yourself. Therefore, it is only logical that you learn how to do this in order to have a clear mind.


How to Get a Clear Mind

This is essentially a meditation in itself. The goal of it is to reject any thoughts or feelings that may arise – think nothing and feel nothing. You must still your mind. This can help you shift your focus, manage emotional episodes, or control any negative thoughts.

  1. Relax Yourself
  2. Notice your thoughts
  3. Allow blackness to consume any images until you can see nothing in your mind
  4. Cut off your mind’s chatter until it produces no more verbal thoughts
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 as needed


1. Preparing to do a Psychic Reading

When you are doing a reading for someone, you are receiving information from the astral. The reading could be connecting to their higher self, reading their Akashic Records, or communing with their Spirit Guides for example.

Whatever the reading may be, the information you receive needs to be communicated to your client ‘as-is’.

Meaning that you need to maintain a clear mind so that you do not unintentionally alter or judge the information that you are receiving.

If you judge this information, you may disrupt the fluid flow of information and doubt what you are receiving.


2. Preparing for Trance

Trance work includes any working or endeavor that you do while you are in a trance. Most trance induction methods require you to maintain focus and not allow your mind to wander while you take yourself through visualizations.

For those that are new, this can prove difficult but this is where the ability to keep a clear mind is important.

As you take yourself through the steps to enter a trance, whenever unwarranted thoughts or internal dialogue arise take yourself through the steps above to maintain your clear mind.

As you progress deeper into the trance, your internal dialogue will naturally slow down so the burden of consistently checking yourself will be eased.


3. Psychic Defense

This is one of the most important areas where you should be able to maintain a clear mind.

Psychic attacks can come in any form but when you are faced with attacks that put you into a negative mindset with self-defeating thoughts for example, take yourself through the exercise above to get a clear mind.

This will help you remove those negative thoughts and emotions to put you back in control. You will no longer be affected by this psychic noise.

Negative thoughts or a negative mindset can take you into a downward spiral straight to depression if you do not actively defend yourself.


4. Reducing Energetic Footprint (Becoming Energetically Invisible)

This is something interesting that I have realized when observing myself and others. I have noticed that this mainly occurs naturally/unintentionally in introverts but can be imitated by anyone.

Usually this introvert is someone who does not want to be seen or interacted with. They ‘shrink’ in that they pull their energy closer to them and reduce the amount of space they take up in a given area. Again, this is done without knowing.

Thus, they become less noticeable in a space. Our clear mind exercise can enhance this effect. Given the idea that thoughts are energy, others can pick up on the energy of your thoughts and feel that you are there.

By having a clear mind, we can minimize the amount of energy that others could possibly pick up on. Hence the reason I consider it reducing our energetic footprint.