growling entity-black-dog-paint

In this experience, I was in an in-between state where everything was realistic yet I could not physically move my body. I’ve had an encounter with a dark entity before but this time it was a growling entity that gripped me tight. I looked into the subject and discovered that this phenomena is called sleep-paralysis.


Sleep Deprivation

I only got 1 hour of sleep the night before. I was reversing my sleeping schedule because at the time, I was sleeping during the day and was awake at night.

What I was trying to do was make myself extremely tired so that I could easily fall asleep at whatever time I wanted.

To stay awake, I spent quite a bit of time waking myself up throughout the day with physical activity. By the time it came for me to go to sleep, I was more than delighted.

The soft bed sent a sensation of relaxation and overall satisfaction throughout my entire body. It was finally time to rest but this sweet rest would soon be interrupted.


The Growling Entity

I woke up in an in-between state where everything was realistic. My room appeared the same as it was in waking life yet everything was much darker and I was lying flat on my back.

There was a light emanating from outside of the room and it shone brightly. From the light, a familiar figure entered my room.

Immediately the figure zipped to the right of me in bed and the light from outside vanished. Only the moonlight lit the room.

I felt the presence next to me and felt pressure over my lower body and over my chest. The pressure on my lower body was from a leg and the pressure over my chest was from an arm.

My left arm was free so I grabbed my phone and tried to shine my screen light on it but it was not bright enough. I shook my left shoulder to try to free myself.

As I did so, I heard a low growl emanate from the entity.


I Tried to Break Free

I paused for a moment to process the situation. In my head, I rationalized that I could possibly be experiencing these sensations because I was about to astral project.

It was odd that I hadn’t regained control over my body after moving. My body usually loses the numb sensation when I mess up while trying to astral project.

After realizing the strangeness of the situation, I decided that it’d be in my best interest to break free from this growling entity.

I shook myself and the entity growled. The sound arose again and I stopped to listen but the sound faded. I shook myself again and it matched my attempt to escape with another growl.

The harder I tried to break free the louder the growl sounded. I took a deep breath to mentally prepare myself for another attempt at escaping.

This time I told myself that I would shake until I was free no matter how loud or aggressive the growling entity sounded.

I shook and I shook and the growling grew louder and more aggressive. The sound was so intense that I got a tingling sensation in my ear that fanned outward to my head, neck, and shoulder.

The growling stopped abruptly and I could finally move. My heart was beating fast but I was free from the growling entity.