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For a while when I first started meditating, I made very little progress in my spiritual development. It was frustrating for me because it was something that I wanted to improve on. I was not being consistent in meditation.


My Consistency Issue

I would meditate every day for anywhere between a week and a month then I would stop for one reason or another.

This stunted my progress and every time it would bring me back to square one. I would be at the same point that I was when I first started.

It was disheartening to say the least. After about a year of this on and off meditating, I looked back at my progress. To see that I had made very little progress frustrated me.

I thought “It’s been a year so I should be at this point now”. I felt like I had wasted so much time.

When I analyzed the situation, I looked at: the meditations I was doing, the amount of time I dedicated to meditating, and how many days in a row I would meditate.

I ultimately came to the conclusion that consistency was my main issue.

It’s not just me that has had that issue either. Quite a few meditation practitioners that I have worked with have had this issue starting out as well. So I’d like to let you know that a lack of consistency will kill any progress you make in spiritual development.


The Weightlifting Analogy

You can look at meditation as being analogous with weightlifting. The goal weightlifters have is to increase their muscle strength and size.

In order to do so, they need to have a consistent workout schedule and ensure that they exercise each of their body parts.

If the weightlifter does not exercise a muscle consistently then they won’t see any progress and may even lose muscle.

You’ve seen the men with chicken legs right? They build up their upper body and they don’t exercise their legs.

Well that lack of exercise is analogous to not staying consistent with your meditations.

Just as you can see that the weightlifter’s legs are scrawny, you will be able to tell that you haven’t made much progress in developing your meditative skills.

In this example every meditation exercises a different “muscle”. Your goal in spiritual development is to train those meditative “muscles” so your skills can improve just as a weightlifter’s strength increases as he exercises.


How Do You Stay Consistent in Meditation?

If you’re having trouble staying consistent in meditation, take a step back from your meditation routine and review it. How much of your time are you devoting to it?

How long have you been able to stick with it? If you haven’t been able to stick with your routine then ask yourself if this amount of time is right for you.

There’s a chance that you are asking too much of yourself and overloading your meditation routine.

You may be thinking “But I HAVE to devote that much time to my spiritual development”.

It’s understandable that you want to progress as much and as fast as possible. I was in the same situation.

Despite your strong desires, you have to be realistic. If your life situation does not permit you to devote as much time to spiritual development as you want to then you really can’t fight it.

Especially if you already can’t stay consistent.


Overloading My Meditation Routine

I’ll give you an example:

When I was having this consistency issue, this was my daily schedule. At 9am I would get up to get ready for work. By 6:30pm I was back home.

I’d work out, shower and eat afterwards so I’d be done and ready to meditate around 9pm. I devoted about 2 to 3 hours to my spiritual development, leaving me finished with everything around 12am.

That leaves me about 1 hour of ‘free’ time. This meant that I had one hour to spare for anything else that came up during the day.

In order to pull this off, I would have had to complete everything without interruptions and move from task to task without taking my time.

I had to be diligent and time-conscious of all my activities. Needed to get gas for the car? That ate away at my schedule.

Needed to stay overtime at work to finish an assignment? That killed my schedule. Need to go shopping? Oh boy did that completely ruin my routine.

So you can see how this routine that I setup for myself was unrealistic. As a result, I was unable to stay consistent with my meditation routine.


Revise Your Routine to be Consistent in Meditation

To help you be consistent in meditation, revise your meditation routine so that you are not overloading yourself.

Start small and then once you have been able to keep up with that routine for a month or so, then you know you can be consistent with this meditation load.

Now you can increment the amount of time you spend on your meditation routine. You do this by adding more time to your meditations or adding another meditation to your routine.

Whichever you choose, ensure that you are not taking a huge jump in your meditations – taking baby steps is the best way to create a sustainable meditation routine.

Revision Exercise:

Let’s say your current spiritual development routine includes the following:

This routine totals over 2 hours! That’s hard to stick to daily if you lead the average life working and spending time with family. So let’s revise this routine so it’s easier to stay consistent.

First, all of the Clair- Exercises can replace the Concentration Exercises because you have to concentrate to complete them. The Clairaudience exercise itself can replace the Mindfulness meditation because it has you focus on the sounds in your environment.

Next, for the sake of time, we can cut Yoga in half. This leaves us with:

  • Clairvoyance Exercises – 5 minutes
  • Clairsentience Exercises – 5 minutes
  • Clairaudience Exercises – 5 minutes
  • Chakra Meditation – 15 minutes
  • Yoga – 30 minutes

This new routine totals 1 hour so we’ve reduced our workload by over 50%! Compared to or previous routine, this one is more sustainable.

You can even split up the routine into 2 session per day. One session where you only do Yoga and the other session you do your meditations.

So if you need to, feel free to take our revision exercise as an example to help you revise your own routine 🙂