how to meditate properly for psychic development

Meditation for psychic development can be an elusive practice that you just can’t seem to get right no matter how much you try. Meditation is pretty much hit and miss without some insight into how to meditate properly.


Do You Know How to Meditate Properly for Psychic Development?

If the answer were yes then you wouldn’t be here right now reading this article. You probably feel like you’re going in circles trying to figure out how to meditate properly.

Nothing really seems to help you improve. Notice I said improve. That’s the goal with meditation no matter the reason that you are doing it.

Whether it’s something as simple as practicing mindfulness or as complex as astral projection, your aim is to improve your ability to maximize the meditation’s effectiveness.

Knowing how to meditate properly is really dependent on the meditation itself. With psychic development you have to know the underlying skills that you need to complete a meditation in order to properly perform it.

You can’t really just jump into it and expect to make progress. If you analyze the meditation and the steps you can easily find the skills that you need to perform it.

So we know that every meditation has its own skills that you need to complete it properly but do any meditations have skills that are in common?

The answer is yes.

Almost all meditations have 3 underlying skills that create a foundation. Those skills are:

  • Maintaining Focus
  • Entering a Meditative State
  • Relaxation

If you just work on getting better at these 3 skills then you will improve all of the meditations that you perform and actually make progress in your psychic development.

So let’s get to learning how to meditate properly!


Know Thyself, And You’ll Know How to Meditate Properly

Before we learn how to improve the underlying skills, if you have any preconceived ideas of how a meditation session or specific meditation is supposed to go then let go of them.

If you have any ideas of how the path for your psychic development should look, let go of those as well.

If you are firm in believing that a meditation is supposed to go a certain way then you may miss out on the true experiences. The ones that allow you to move forward.

For example, let’s say you read that someone visualizes the reflection of themselves in a large mirror while doing chakra meditations and now you think that this is how you should do it.

If you are adamant about doing meditations in this way then you may have trouble moving forward with your progress. Why? Because not everyone does things the same way.

To know how to meditate properly is to know how to meditate in a way that will work for you.

Maybe this method of meditation will work for some but if it doesn’t work for you then you will meet resistance and you will struggle with it.

The best thing to do if you are new with meditation and psychic development is to experiment with different ways of performing each meditation.

This way you’ll gain an understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you do this, progressing with your meditations will be much smoother.


Improving the Underlying Skills for Psychic Development

We know that the skills pretty much every meditation needs are Focus, Entering a Meditative state, and Relaxation. Below we’ll cover why these skills are necessary and how you can train them.

One thing to note is that, although they are necessary, you do not have to master these skills to meditate.

If you are better at performing these skills, any meditations you do will be more effective and you will experience more solid progress with your psychic development.


Being able to focus is the absolute most important skill to have when doing any meditations because your meditation’s effectiveness is determined by how well you can focus.

For example, let’s say you are doing chakra empowerment meditations. If you can only focus for 10 seconds at a time, your meditation will be less effective than someone who can focus for 1 minute without getting distracted.

In order improve your ability to focus, you need to practice focusing. Sound easy? Here’s an exercise you can do to increase how long you can hold your focus:

What we’re going to be doing is counting forward and visualizing the number at the same time. Starting with ‘1’. Say the number in your mind as you visualize it. Then move on to ‘2’and visualize the number changing from ‘1’ to ‘2’ as you say ‘2’ in your mind.

Continue this until you get distracted. When you do get distracted, start over at 1 and repeat the exercise. You can do this for as long as you like but 3-5 minutes is a good starting point.


The ideal situation to meditate is to have your body completely relaxed so that you can easily slip into the mental exercises that your mind is doing.

You don’t want your body to continually distract you with itches, twitches, and aches. The absolute easiest way I’ve found is to massage your entire body.

This doesn’t take a long time at all. All you have to do is roll your muscles between your fingers or any other massage type motion. Start from one side and massage from your foot all the way up to your chest.

Then massage from your hand up your arm to your trapezius (the back muscle between your shoulder and neck). Do the same with the other side.

Your neck is the last part that you will relax. You will be stretching these muscles instead of massaging them.

To stretch the muscles at the front of your neck, pull your head back and let it hang without tensing any muscles.

To stretch the muscles at the back of your neck, lower your head so that your chin comes towards your chest. Try to let your head hang relaxed without tensing any muscles.

Meditative State

The meditative state helps keep you from getting distracted from your own thoughts. You might also know it as trance.

During a trance, your body becomes numb and your thoughts slow down. Have you ever been so tired that you felt like you couldn’t think? That’s similar to what a trance feels like.

One way to experience what a trance feels like is to lift your lower arm so that it strands straight up in the air. Keep it up as you fall asleep and you’ll hover in a trance state between the times you jolt awake from your arm falling.

To go into trance through meditation, you have to achieve a mental falling effect. This is just where you visualize yourself falling and feel as if you really are falling.

First you have to relax your body to the point that it is numb. This will help make your visualization more real. It will be harder to feel that falling sensation if you can still feel your real body.

You can use the relaxation exercise from above for this. From here we need a mental distracter. Something that keeps your mind distracted from your physical body as it ‘falls asleep’.

This can be anything that needs your direct attention like the Focus exercise from earlier. Do this as your body becomes numb. Afterwards, you can use any visualization to create a falling effect.

This is where ‘Know Thyself’ comes into play. Choose an action that you are familiar with to create this falling effect.

For example, if you work in a large building and take the elevator every day, use an elevator in your visualizations to get the falling effect.

That way it will be easier to really feel the sensation.


These 3 Skills Are the Most Important

These 3 exercises are the most important to work on in order to make solid progress in psychic development. In this post about psychic training, I go into detail on why you need to improve these skills.

In short, these are the foundation for your psychic practice and will support you as you move on to more advanced exercises.