chakra meditation how to open your chakras

There are several chakra meditations to open your chakras and allow better energetic circulation throughout your body. But how do you know the status of your chakras before you do a chakra meditation?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to test the current state of your chakras before you working on them? That way you can measure your starting point as well as keep track of your progress. This helps verify that you are doing the meditations properly.


How Do I Check if My Chakras Are Open?

Your secret tool for measuring your progress is… a pendulum! I used a pendulum because you can use it to test whether your chakras are open or not. The pendulum that I used was a crystal pendulum.

Rose quartz to be exact but the type of crystal doesn’t matter. You can use the following method on your own to see how open your chakras are. To check if your chakras are open:

  • Hold the pendulum so the crystal hangs down
  • Move your hand so the crystal is 3 to 4 inches in front of the chakra you want to test
  • Relax your hand and arm so you do not accidentally sway the pendulum
  • Watch as the pendulum starts to swing.


What Does the Swing Mean?

The way the pendulum swings will tell you about the chakra you are testing. If it does anything other than spin in a circle then that means your chakra is closed.

So for example, it can swing left to right, forward and backward, or diagonally. If it spins in a circle then that means that your chakra is open. There’s two other things that I’ve noticed when I check my chakras:

  • The width of the spin can vary
  • The pendulum can spin both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

So what do these mean? I’ve found the width of the spin shows how strong your chakra is. If the pendulum has a weak circular spin, then that chakra is probably barely open.

At the opposite end, if it has a wide spin then that means that the chakra is probably well developed. You can use these indicators to easily tell which chakras you need to work on.

The goal is to get the pendulum spinning around the same size for each chakra, meaning they’re balanced.

So follow up with some extra work on your weaker chakras after you do any of the following exercises on your 7 main chakras.


What is a Chakra Meditation?

Let’s review what a chakra meditation even is before we get into each actual chakra meditation. First, chakras are energy centers throughout the soul and there are 7 main chakras.

They store energy and facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body. The average person does not regularly maintain their spiritual body so the neglect results in weakened and/or blocked chakras.

A chakra meditation is meant to cycle energy throughout each chakra and work energetically through any blockages that may exist in your chakras.

Blocked chakras can be the result of something physical that negatively affects the spiritual body. So for example you can block your:

  • Throat chakra by never speaking up for yourself or expressing yourself.
  • Solar chakra by not having confidence in yourself or by having a weak self-image
  • Sacral chakra through sexual repression. Christanity and Buddhism both practice celibacy which can result in sexual hang-ups and thus a blocked Sacral

There are different types of chakra meditations but the type of chakra meditation we are focusing on is meant to strengthen and unblock your chakras.


How Do You Unblock Your Chakras?

Like I mentioned above, a block in one of your chakras can often happen through something in the physical. It can be a trauma or some personal shortcoming that causes this block.

So to reverse this, you have to work in both the physical and the spiritual. If you have low self-esteem and a negative self-image then work on improving those things along side strengthening your Solar chakra.

Having trouble standing up for yourself or expressing your self? Force yourself to talk to people and learn to say “No” more often while strengthening your throat chakra.

It’s easier said than done but if you work in both the physical and spiritual than your progress will be much more apparent than if you worked only in one realm

This article is about chakra meditations, the spiritual aspect of unblocking and opening your chakras, so working in the physical is out of the scope of this article

Below I have laid out four different exercises that you can use to open your chakras and ensure that they are energized and not neglected.


1. Using the Earth’s Energy

The first exercise is the easiest and most commonly taught exercise for beginners. It utilizes visualization and nothing more.

What it does is it takes the energy from the Earth and moves it throughout your body and up through each chakra. As a result, each chakra experiences higher energy levels after filling them with Earth’s energy.

The Simplest Chakra Meditation

It’s simple to do so if you’re a new to working with your chakras then go ahead and start with this one to see how it feels.

  • Sit or lay down comfortably
  • Relax yourself
  • Close your eyes and visualize a bright white light coming up from the Earth into your feet.
  • Let it flow up from your feet to your base chakra.
  • Fill your base chakra will this light until it is glowing intensely like the sun.
  • Move the energy up from your base chakra to your sacral chakra. Fill this chakra until it is shining bright like the sun.
  • Move the energy up to the next chakra and repeat the process until you have done all seven chakras.
  • The order you should be doing is: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Sixth, Crown


2. Chakra Breathing

This chakra meditation is a step up from the above visualization exercise. It utilizes both visualization and your sense of touch. The sense of touch comes from physically feeling energy.

Now, this sounds daunting at first but it only takes a few minutes to get a feel for it. So let’s first learn how to physically feel energy.

Feeling Energy Over your Thighs

  • Sit comfortably
  • Place your hands on your thighs
  • Slowly raise your hands straight up
  • Focus on the sensation on your palms and the space between your thighs and palms
  • Slowly move your hands up and down as you focus on the space in between your thighs and palms

If you’re having trouble with this method then you can do a similar one below.

Feeling Energy Between Your Hands

  • Place your hands together
  • Rub them vigorously for 2 to 4 seconds
  • Stop and slowly pull them apart and focus on the space between your palms
  • Slowly move your hands closer and further together as you focus on the space between your palms


When you’re focusing on the energy between your palms, take note of what sensations you experience. Whatever you feel is how you, personally, feel energy.

Common ways to experience it are tingling sensations, warmth, coolness, pressure, static sensations, or like you are feeling gusts of wind on your palms.

Energy Breathing

So when you do the actual breathing exercise, this same sensation is what you want to be feeling in your chakra. That’s how you’ll know that you are getting energy into your chakra. So now for the exercise:

  • Sit comfortably
  • Visualize the chakra you want to breathe energy into
  • On the inhale, visualize bright white light and feel the energy entering your chakra
  • On the exhale, continue to visualize and feel the bright white light entering your chakra and brightening in intensity
  • Repeat

Start with 5 to 10 breaths and take note of how you feel afterwards. If you start to feel uncomfortable or fidgety then that means you’re overstimulating yourself. Instead, lower the amount of breaths you do and work your way up to more breaths.


3. Chakra Meditation to Direct Energy With Your Will

This process is a little different than the other two exercises. It still uses the physical sensations for feeling energy but you do not visualize your chakras during the exercise.

You just feel the sensations so it is what’s called tactile visualization. This exercise depends heavily on your ability to physically feel energy.

So if you haven’t practice the exercise from the second method then go back and practice that before you try the following.

  • Sit or lay comfortably
  • Use your awareness to find your Base chakra
  • Once you locate it, maintain your awareness on it and feel your energy sensation growing (This may feel like a knot)
  • Continue on to your Sacral and place your awareness on your chakra. Again feel the sensation growing more intense
  • Move up to the next chakra and repeat until you’ve done the Crown chakra

During the whole exercise you are using your Will to move the energy. You should feel it at least a little bit because wherever you place your awareness, energy will follow.

But you can include visualization if you are having trouble. All you have to do is visualize imaginary hands pulling the energy from one chakra to the next.


4. Pushing Energy From Your Hands

This more advanced because you need to be able to direct energy with your hands like a Reiki practitioner. Like in the previous exercise, you are pushing energy into the chakra that you want to open.

How do I know this works? Well for one, this is how Reiki healers open and heal chakras. They move radiant energy into the chakra and push negative energy away from the chakra.

I Tested This With a Pendulum

I also know it works because I tested this method with a pendulum. First, I used the pendulum test from the beginning of this article to test the strength of a client’s throat chakra. The pendulum swung in a circle that was about 1.5 to 2 inches wide.

Afterwards, I pushed energy into his chakra for about 5 minutes and tested it again. This time, the pendulum spun in a circle that was almost 4 inches wide.

i eyeballed the width but the ratio was the same. The ‘After’ width was about twice the size of the ‘Before’ width.

Sound simple? If it sounds challenging then that’s ok. All you have to do is get the hang of directing energy out of your hands.

If you followed along with the training for the second method then you already know how to physically feel energy. If you didn’t practice feeling energy then go back to that method and practice the exercise.


Once you know how to physically feel energy, you need to know to direct it according to your Will. Method Three uses this principle so this is the exact same except you are pushing energy out of your hands.

  • Sit or lay comfortably
  • Place one or both hands over the chakra you want to open
  • Feel energy moving down your arms, out of your hands, and into your chakra
  • Continue until you feel the energy build up in your chakra
  • Place your hand(s) over the next chakra and repeat

If this is challenging for you then you can use the breathing energy similar to in the first method. So on the inhale, feel and visualize bright white light moving down to your hands.

Next, feel and visualize energy leaving your hands when you exhale. This will help you get a hang of the exercise faster because you can easily associate energy movement with a physical action (inhale/exhale)


Final Words

Opening your chakras is the first thing you want to do in spiritual development because they are energy stores that support your soul.

The principle of yoga is to open up the chakras and energy pathways so that energy can flow freely throughout your soul. So this shows how important it is that they are opened.

I reviewed four different ways to open up your chakras. Each one varies in difficulty so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or are advanced. There is a chakra meditation for you.

Make sure that you stay consistent with meditation so you do not lose progress and allow your chakra to close agian.