4 Cases Where Maintaining a Clear Mind is an Important Skill

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In the spiritual world, logical thinking is less of a necessity than it is in the average day-to-day world. Many spiritual practices involve setting aside the logical aspect of yourself. Therefore, it is only logical that you learn how to do this in order to have a clear mind.   How to Get a Clear..

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How to Develop Astral Senses: Clairaudience

how to develop astral senses astral hearing clairaudience

The commonly known term for astral hearing is Clairaudience. Everyone has the ability but it is just not developed. Getting communication from the astral is similar to someone talking to a deaf person if you have done nothing to develop astral senses. This is the first part in a series about how to develop astral..

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Experience: 3 Creepy Encounters from Alien Greys

alien greys-black-eyes-dark

Alien Greys are your typical short, bulbous headed, grey-skinned alien. I have read about different abduction stories where the Greys physically abduct a human. What I wasn’t aware of, is that Greys can also visit someone spiritually just as loved ones and guides can appear. I discovered this from a woman that I would frequently..

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3 Relaxation Techniques to Use When Preparing for Meditation

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Relaxing myself is one of the biggest challenges I face as I am preparing for meditation. It seemed at first that I could only meditate for so long before I become too uncomfortable. Either I have to stop or shift my body to a different position. That’s quite an interruption to my meditation! Because of..

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The Most Common Misconception about Meditation


What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word meditation? Is it “Empty your mind”? Or is it an image of a Tibetan Monk sitting legs crossed chanting OM? Well when I first got into spiritual practices, I thought the first example. From speaking with others who are just beginning..

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