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When you first get into psychic training and start to learn how to develop psychic abilities, it can be hard to know where to start. It’s very tempting to jump ahead to the advanced skills to start trying to develop those. After-all, that’s where all the fun happens :).

That’s the main problem though. People get into psychic training, see the cool stuff advanced people do, and then decide they want to do it. They’re just getting ahead of themselves and give up when they don’t get results.

There’s two reasons they don’t get results. They don’t:

  • know how to develop psychic abilities
  • have a foundation to perform those advanced abilities that they were amazed by

Just like anything else, you have to start with the basics and move to more advanced exercises as you improve.

A skinny person can’t become a competitive bodybuilder in 1 month! The same principal goes for psychic development.


Can Anyone do Psychic Training?

The short answer is Yes. But to go further into detail, everyone has the potential to have psychic abilities. They just need to undergo consistent psychic training, meditative practices, and learn how to develop psychic abilities in order for them to blossom.

These meditative practices are specific to certain abilities. It’s just a matter of advancing to a certain level with psychic abilities. Think of it as being analogous to calisthenics.

If you want to be able to do muscle-ups then you need to start by working on your ability to do pull-ups. Without that foundational strength to do a pull-up then you will not be able to do muscle-ups. Make sense?


Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

Well not everyone naturally has the ability to communicate telepathically or divine information Clairvoyantly. Don’t misunderstand me though, these abilities can be developed.

It is just that only in some people are they already developed. These are the abilities that people most commonly think of when they hear the term psychic. However, they are not the only abilities.

The abilities that are most commonly apparent in people include some form of Clairsentience or Claircognizance. If you have ever:

  • walked into a room and felt the mood
  • had a strong gut feeling leading you to make a certain decision

then you have had a psychic experience.

Feeling the mood of someone or a place is Clairsentience while getting a gut feeling or ‘knowing’ what to do is Claircognizance.

If either of these are familiar then congratulations! You have had a psychic experience and are closer to understanding how to develop psychic abilities.


I Don’t Know How to Develop Psychic Abilities!

That’s why I’m here :). One of the beginning steps in learning how to develop psychic abilities is being able to distinguish when and how they manifest. So going back to the example about feeling the mood of the room:

When you walk in, you may not even realize that you are picking up on the mood or you can realize that the energy around you is emotionally charged.

You Can be Affected by it Without Knowing

Here, you can walk into a funeral hall during a wake and feel the sorrow but not realize it. Before you get there you’re fine but after entering the building you begin to feel depressed and get a sense of mourning.

If you weren’t close to this person then there really is no reason for you to be feeling that way. But in this example, that feeling isn’t coming from you. It’s coming from everyone else.

Their emotional grief is saturating the area with depressive energy. That’s why you pick up on it and why you’re affected by it.

You may not notice that the atmosphere is emotionally charged but you are still affected by it without knowing.

You Realize That the Energy is Different Around You

Let’s look at another example where you can actually feel that the energy around you is emotionally charged.

Everyone in some point in their life has had to give speeches or presentations in succession after others. Most likely in a classroom setting.

In situations like these, you as well as the majority of presenters are nervous to be in front of a group of others.

Since many people are feeling this nervousness, that nervous energy emanates from everyone in the room and saturates the room’s energy. You can probably remember the ‘mood’ of the room on presentation day.

It felt tense and full of dread. Being able to feel the atmosphere is proof that you have Clairsentient ability. You just need to train it so that you can have control over it.

I Realized How This Works

I noticed this myself when I have had presentations to do in a classroom setting. Prior to presentations, I felt confident. I had the outline for my presentation completed and had rehearsed several times.

Come presentation day I felt slightly nervous but calmed myself down with a breathing exercise. It wasn’t my turn to present until almost the end.

When I went up to the stage, the accumulated nervous energy overcame me and affected my presentation. Afterwards, I figured that it was the nervous energy on stage that caused me to be nervous.

I decided to test if the negative energy affected me. So I asked to go first the next time the class had to do presentations

So what was the difference between the two presentations?

  • This time I felt very little nervousness
  • I could tell that there was less energy on the stage and less influence on my performance

And that’s what was supposed to happen because no nervous presenter had been on-stage before me.

If I knew how to control and prevent energy from influencing me, then I wouldn’t have needed to go first to be unaffected by the room’s nervousness.

I could have gone whenever I wanted and not have had to worry about being overcome by anxiety.


How Can I Use Psychic Training to Develop Psychic Abilities?

Like I mentioned earlier, you can’t develop your ability with psychic training if you do not have a foundation. Knowledge, self-awareness, and core skills are what builds the foundation you need.

You need to know the types of psychic abilities that there. If you don’t then you obviously can’t develop them, let alone identify them in your life and how they manifest.


Knowledge: Learn About Each Psychic Ability

First you have to understand that there are different psychic abilities. They each pertain to receiving information from the spiritual realm, where spirits and entities reside.

For you personally, you will receive information most apparently through your strongest ability. The following is a basic list of the abilities and how they receive information:


Self-Awareness: Know How You Receive Information

Many people experience psychic phenomena from time to time. It can be when you are falling asleep, tired, in the flow of your work, or at completely random times.

So it’s not entirely difficult to find times you’ve had psychic experiences. If you’re reading this then you must have had some kind of experience that brought you here.

Looking back at the list of abilities in the last section, determine which one you’ve experienced the most. That is most likely your strongest method to receive information. This is where you will start when you’re learning how to develop psychic abilities.

People often experience one or more ability at the same time. For example:

  • You may get an image of a man and feel focus, intensity, and vengeance while knowing he was wronged in his lifetime.
  • You feel the tension in the atmosphere and know there was an argument

Speed up Psychic Development

Once you know how you receive information, you can focus on that ability to speed up your development. You’re not going to neglect the other abilities. You focus on your strongest ability to connect to the spiritual realm (astral) as fast as possible.

I know it’s exciting to think about mastering the other abilities but it is best to get you interacting with the astral quickly.

This way you can experience and interact with the astral to receive guidance with your development and understand what it’s like to do so.

With a less developed ability, it will be more difficult to understand what it’s like to interact with the astral because it will be harder to receive information.

So once you understand how interactions work with your strongest ability, it will be easier to advance with your less developed abilities.


Core Skills: You Need the Foundations

Once you know what psychic abilities there are, how you receive information, and what your strongest ability is then you can begin your psychic training.

You can’t really just pick up a psychic development program and expect to get results. Training your psychic faculties requires a methodical approach to understand your own path of development coupled with consistent practice.

You Must be Able Focus

The first of the core skills is Focus. If you can’t focus, you won’t be able to perform any psychic training exercises effectively.

Because yes, how effective you perform the exercises determines the amount of progress you will be able to make. If you can’t give the exercises your full attention then you’d just be wasting your time.

On the other hand, if you can focus very well then you can expect better progress. Developing psychic abilities is just like developing any other skills.

Reaching a Meditative State

Another core skill is the ability to enter a meditative state. You will spend most of the time that you work with your psychic abilities in this state.

This skill coincides with the ability to focus because you really can’t enter it without being able to focus.

In this state it is much easier to perform creative tasks, like visualization and receiving information from the astral. When you’re in it, your conscious thoughts aren’t as overpowering.

They’re slower and less intrusive which allows room to perceive from the astral. The way I like to describe this is that you’re bridging the gap between your physical and astral self.

Have Patience

This might sound cliché but it is still true. You get so excited by the thought of having psychic abilities that you want them as fast as possible. You imagine communicating with spirits and receiving divine guidance to direct your life and the excitement makes you feel like you want them NOW.

Then you dive right into advanced exercises and skip learning how to develop psychic abilities. As a result, you get frustrated and either give up or wonder if you’re doing something wrong when you aren’t seeing much progress.

I’ve seen it time and time again.

What’s important is both consistency and dedication.  Dedication will get you through any swaying emotions and episodes that could ruin your consistent streak. Consistency will harden your dedication as you continue to notice results.


Spiritual Development is Unique to the Individual

So you can see that it will be more difficult to develop your psychic abilities if you just jump into psychic training. It is more beneficial to first lay groundwork so that you can develop psychic abilities on top of it.

The path of spiritual development in general is unique to the individual (you) that practices it. You can’t really do the exact same things as other people and expect to have the same experiences as them.

That’s why it’s important to know yourself and how you work in a spiritual sense. That knowledge will help steer you in the right direction as you progress spiritually.

Now you know how to develop psychic abilities! By writing this, I intend to help you understand how much understanding yourself will actually help you. I haven’t seen many writers mention this topic so I wanted to make sure that I put it out there.

So if you want to start psychic training, consider working on your core skills and your self-awareness.

You’ll thank me later 🙂


If you research how to develop psychic abilities, a lot of people call psychic abilities gifts. They’re not gifts because everyone has them. Just like everyone has the ability to run, Olympic sprinters are fast because they have developed their ability to run.

They worked hard to get where they are so their ability is not really a gift. The same applies to psychic abilities. They developed their abilities either in this lifetime or a previous lifetime.

Calling them gifts is actually undermining any consistent development that took place in this lifetime or previous ones.