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How to Meditate Properly for Psychic Development

how to meditate properly for psychic development

Meditation for psychic development can be an elusive practice that you just can’t seem to get right no matter how much you try. Meditation is pretty much hit and miss without some insight into how to meditate properly.   Do You Know How to Meditate Properly for Psychic Development? If the answer were yes then you..

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4 Cases Where Maintaining a Clear Mind is an Important Skill

water-drop-clear mind- person_1024x680

In the spiritual world, logical thinking is less of a necessity than it is in the average day-to-day world. Many spiritual practices involve setting aside the logical aspect of yourself. Therefore, it is only logical that you learn how to do this in order to have a clear mind.   How to Get a Clear..

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The Most Common Misconception about Meditation


What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word meditation? Is it “Empty your mind”? Or is it an image of a Tibetan Monk sitting legs crossed chanting OM? Well when I first got into spiritual practices, I thought the first example. From speaking with others who are just beginning..

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